Potter's Wheel: A Search for Love and the Truth...

I am restarting this blog for the purpose of discussing relationships more so than promoting my novel, maybe both. I feel that it is important if we as sensitive humans are going to get any happiness out of life. I hope you will join me and add to the discussion wherever possible.

Sunday, February 22, 2004


Hi, I’m Chuck Rickard. I am 57 and live in Baltimore, Maryland. The past years have been an enormous emotional rollercoaster through the mountains and valleys of daily existence. I have witnessed, experienced, and felt a multiple lifetime’s worth of happiness and sadness and general angst of residence on this physical plane.

My successful and failed attempts to find the one thing in life that I wanted, a loving relationship with a woman, were the source of most of this turmoil. This all caused me, as it has with a lot of you, untold sleepless nights and not a few tears.

Oh, that’s right, a man should not cry, especially over love. Think again, dear reader, that is just another of those myths that are told to children on dark rainy nights. Most people, men and women alike either have no idea what a man feels, or wants to know.

I decided that if I were to free myself from some of the baggage generated by all of this, I would have to write it down in some form. Therefore, a few years ago I completed my first novel entitled Potter’s Wheel. In it I discussed a lot of what I had learned, shared some of my own experiences, blended it with views and vistas of other lives, and concocted a story of one man’s search for love and truth.

After a lot of effort, not completed wasted, in trying to get my novel published, I decided to self-publish. I attended the L.A. Book Expo last May and was thoroughly amazed to discover the future of publishing is here already. Vanity press of the past was paying someone to print a few hundred books that would probably gather dust in the garage. Not now. I have decided to go with a POD (Print on Demand) publisher and use my knowledge as a businessman to sell it myself.

This Blog will be devoted to two pursuits:
1) The discussion of man-woman relationships from a man’s perspective.
2) Keeping a journal of my experience in self-publishing my first novel.

I hope you will come along for the ride. Feel free to toss in an opinion here and there as the mood moves you. As long as the opinions are relevant, fairly socially acceptable, and not too crass, I will not edit or delete them, as you will find out I am…, well I just am.


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