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Friday, February 27, 2004

Just a TV Show

I was watching Without a Trace tonight and there was a soldier who was wounded in Iraq after saving a friend in a firefight. He was sent home to heal and receive a medal of honor.

As it turned out he purposely stood up and caught a bullet so that he could be sent home because his fiancé had written that she was leaving him for another man.

This is apropos of what I was saying the last time. Men hurt every bit as much as and as deeply as women and maybe more so. They just do more stupid things when it happens.

In this case, he ended up robbing a bank because they were going to lose the house and his brother had lost their money in a business failure.

Of course this is just dramatic license, after all it was story telling. But we have all called a woman long after she has told us to go to hell. We have begged and pleaded and acted like idiots.

Women may stay at home for months after a break up and cry, but guess what so do men.


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