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I am restarting this blog for the purpose of discussing relationships more so than promoting my novel, maybe both. I feel that it is important if we as sensitive humans are going to get any happiness out of life. I hope you will join me and add to the discussion wherever possible.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Heart of The Book

I have been doing book signings, festivals, and other events to promote Potter’s Wheel. They have been very interesting and informative.

When I explain that, even though the novel is a court room drama, it is written about love and the search for relationships, the response has been quite solid.

Women especially are intrigued by that premise. For the most part, they have no idea what men feel.

My basic premise is that contrary to popular belief, men are more sensitive than women. They are simply trained not to show it by our culture. This repression is one of the causes of relationship dysfunctions, and the lop-sided amount of violence in our society (and in most societies).

If you have any opinions or feelings on this or any other aspect of relationships, please write to me or make a comment. I would like to get some serious discussions started her.

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